When should I file a third party claim?

explosion-549662_1920When your neighbor does work on their home or they experience¬†an incident that damages their property, you never imagine that you will experience any repercussions from this unfortunate event. Some situations that may cause you to have property damage¬†even though the original incident didn’t occur on your property can include a fire in a neighbor’s home or yard, a neighbor’s tree falls onto your property, water damage from an underground pipe or damage from construction on another person’s home that somehow affected yours.

Third party claims may require you to bring a lawsuit against your neighbor or their insurance company in order to recover compensation for the damage that was done to your property. These claims may be more difficult to recover compensation from than other claims are. Hopefully your neighbor’s insurance company will be willing to compensate you for the damage that was done.

However, you must remember that insurance companies are always looking to make a profit and usually do not want to pay any more than they have to. In fact, they will usually try to underpay the person that actually pays them each month for insurance when they file a claim. Therefore, if a neighbor tries to come after them, they will want to pay them even less. This is why it is beneficial to seek the legal representation of an experienced insurance law attorney who has spent time with those looking to file third party claims.

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