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Property Damage Claims Attorney Serving New York & New Jersey

When you pay your property insurance premiums, you expect that your insurance company will be there for you when you suffer a loss.  It is not until your home is destroyed or your business is devastated that you learn that it is not always true.  When you are standing in front of your house or place of business after a catastrophe, you are comforted by the fact that you have paid insurance premiums for years and your insurance company will come to the rescue. Unfortunately, your insurance company is a “for-profit” business with a goal to save money. They may be refusing to pay you the fair amount for your damages, or they may be refusing to pay you anything at all.

Our New York City property damage insurance claims attorneys are here to help.  We focus our practice on property damage claims helping homeowners and business owners who have suffered damages to their property. We fight for clients whose insurance company is refusing pay or adequately resolve their claims. Our insurance claims attorneys have over twenty-five years of experience representing insureds for all types of property damage. If you have suffered any type of property damage, give us a call for a free consultation.

Property Damage Claims

Property damage can be devastating. Whether a residential or commercial property, the damage left from fire, floods, storms, theft and vandalism can take a significant financial toll on a property owner. If we are lucky, damage is minimal and an insurance claim is resolved without issue. When the insurance company violates your rights to deny or limit your payout, it is time to contact our property damage insurance claims attorneys at The Law Office of Craig A. Blumberg.

Public Adjuster

Public adjusters of New York State trust in the legal services of our firm. We have provided quality advice and guidance for public adjusters for over 20 years and continue to strive for excellence.

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Renter’s Insurance
Claim Attorneys

New York is home to millions of rental homes. When a tenant is impacted by damage or theft and the insurance company won’t pay, they trust in our firm to make things right.

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Claim Attorneys

When catastrophic damage to your home or business originates from a neighbor’s property, our firm will explore ways to pursue the compensation you need.

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Helpful Tips For
The Insured

Filing a claim for damage is an overwhelming process. Having effective representation and knowing your rights when dealing with an insurance company is best.

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