Residential Fire Damage Claims

New York Residential Fire Damage Claim Attorneys

house-fire-1548280Representing residential property owners through fire damage insurance claims

Damage to a property is a terrible situation. Fire is one of the most common causes of loss for property owners. Fires occur because of a variety of situations. Obviously, fires have the potential to destroy a home or, if the homeowner is lucky, partially damage the structure. When dealing with the insurance company after a fire, you have a lot to consider and having the right representation to protect your rights is best. The Law Office of Craig A. Blumberg P.C. understands what it takes to acquire the optimal compensation for your life altering incident. Insurance companies are out to make a profit and will often deny claims or offer a payment that is lower than your policy allows. In some circumstances, they will blame the homeowner for the incident, even claiming that the owner purposefully set a fire for the insurance money. As always, be careful not to sign anything without the support of an attorney. If you need quality legal support from a law firm with your best interests in mind, contact The Law Offices of Craig A. Blumberg, P.C. for a consultation.

When a fire damages your home

When a fire damages your home but does not destroy it, you face unique insurance claim issues. These claims are called “partial losses.” You must be wary of hidden damage, insufficient or unsuitable cleaning and repair methods, delays based on the busy schedules of overworked insurance adjusters, and disputes over “matching.” Matching is a particularly interesting topic. Your insurance company will try and save money wherever possible. When your house is being fixed, you should ensure that they are using the right materials to restore your home to a “uniform and consistent” appearance and not trying to patchwork your home back together with cheaper materials.

“Proper Inspection”

Your insurance company should conduct or pay for a proper inspection. It is their legal duty to investigate all damage, including hidden damage. A proper inspection includes examination of:

  • The roof
  • Structural steel or iron
  • Stucco, siding, and concrete
  • Windows
  • Plumbing and heating systems
  • Interior walls and framing

If you believe that your insurance company is not acting lawfully in regards to your policy, contact an attorney immediately.

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The Law Office of Craig A. Blumberg P.C. has been a legal resource to New York for over 20 years. Our firm understands the impact fire has on one’s home. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always have your best interests in mind and will focus their attention on saving as much money as possible, even if that means not providing you the means to restore your life. If you need quality legal representation, contact The Law Office of Craig A. Blumberg P.C.