Commercial Storm Damage Claims

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photo-1431440869543-efaf3388c585Representing clients after a storm or wind event

One of the most common causes of loss to property owners is a wind or storm event. Filing claims after a storm or wind event can be a complicated matter. Storms can lead to serious, catastrophic damage and has the potential for a business to close its doors and stop functioning for a period. Residential and commercial property owners pay into policies so that when they are faced with serious damage, they can recuperate to the pre-loss conditions. Unfortunately, working with insurance companies can be difficult when a property owner needs help. If you are a commercial property owner whose business was affected by storm or wind damage, it is important to retain the services of a law firm with significant experience. If you need our help, we would be proud to serve your needs. To know more about our services or to schedule an initial consultation, contact The Law Office of Craig A. Blumberg.

Storm damage or water damage?

One of the key issues claimants face when dealing with storm damage is an insurance company that will deny the claim based on the language of the policy. When a property is destroyed or damaged by a storm, it can be subject to water damage. Most insurance policies do not provide coverage for water damage or flood damage. There are some exceptions where a standard policy adequately covers a loss. When a property is damaged by wind-driven rain or water damage through an intrusion, often, an insurance company will claim that the impact to one’s property falls under water or flood damage and that it is not a covered “peril.”

How to protect your business

To a business owner, having a policy that covers loss after a storm can be a major relief. Many businesses purchase additional flood insurance and business interruption insurance to further protect the business. Having experienced representation when filing a claim can protect the business and its owner from a major financial burden when trying to recover or devastation that permanently closes the doors to a budding or established business.

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