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broken-window-theoryRepresenting New York clients after theft or vandalism

The theft or vandalism of one’s property can be a devastating matter. When a business is the victim of theft or vandalism, the profitability and functionality can be seriously impacted by the incident. In some situations, a business must shut its doors because of the damage or theft of its supplies or equipment. On the road to recovery, the insurance claim may be the most painstaking process aside from the initial shock. If you are a business owner that needs quality legal support after an incident, contact an attorney that can help you through tough times. Contact The Law Office of Craig A. Blumberg for a consultation today.

Obstacles for business owners after theft or vandalism

Having theft or vandalism impact your business can be devastating. Two of the most important factors business owners must consider when dealing with this type of loss is coverage limits and documentation. When a business owner files a claim for theft or vandalism, documentation is a key part of the process. If an item is stolen, the claimant will most likely have to prove that it existed and the business owned the item. What does this mean for you, the business owner? You should have documentation readily available for every item of value to your business. If not, you may have to go through the painstaking process of cataloging items that were lost and proving ownership.

The other issue a business owner faces is the coverage limit. In some cases, the policy inadequately covers the value of a business’s property. It is not until a claim is filed does the business owner realize the situation they face. Before you need to file a claim with an insurance company, consult with an attorney to review your theft coverage. If you need to file a claim, retaining representation that can effectively protect your rights is best.

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The Law Office of Craig A. Blumberg has served New York for over 20 years. Theft and vandalism of one’s property, especially a business, is a major event with an impact that can be felt for years to come. Filing a claim for stolen or destroyed property is a complicated matter and retaining the services of an effective attorney can mean a world of difference.  If you need quality legal support from a dedicated and passionate insurance claim attorney, contact The Law Office of Craig A. Blumberg for a consultation.