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When a commercial property is damaged or destroyed by a fire, it is important for the business owner or the landlord of the property to protect themselves on the road ahead. Insurance companies are out to make a profit and fully compensating commercial property owners and business owners is usually not their focus. Whenever possible, insurance companies will take advantage of policyholders by offering less than they are entitled to or outright deny claims. Policy claims are a business transaction for insurance companies and having representation that can protect your business is best. When facing an uncooperative or hostile insurance company, contact The Law Office of Craig A. Blumberg P.C. for a consultation.

Some issues that businesses and commercial property owners face

When a property is damaged or destroyed by fire, residential and commercial property owners face similar issues. If the structure is completely destroyed, the owner has the issue of causation. What caused the fire can be disputed and, in the worst scenario, the beneficiary of the claim can be accused of setting the fire for the insurance money.

Another issue property owners face is the recovery from partial destruction, also known as “partial losses.” When this occurs, the owner of a property has much more to consider. The insurance company should conduct a proper inspection of the property, including examination of the roof, structural integrity, stucco, concrete, and siding, windows, interior walls and framing, and plumbing and heating systems. In some cases, insurance companies will avoid this inspection or conduct an inspection that does not fully establish the facts. When this happens, having representation is in your best interests.

When a business is interrupted by fire damage

Businesses that must shut their doors because of a fire should have business interruption insurance through the standard policy or a separate one. It functions to help businesses cover the impact of a fire. Some of the things business interruption insurance covers includes lost income, wages, rent or mortgage, utilities, loan payments, taxes, supplier agreements, and much of the expenses related to the loss, including moving expenses, overtime pay for employees who help with the relocation, rent for the new location, and more.

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When a business is impacted by fire, it is important for the insured to protect themselves from exploitation. Whether you are filing a claim through a standard policy or a business interruption policy, it is important to have representation with significant experience protecting the rights of the insured. If you face an insurance company that has denied your claim or offered you much less than what it would take to fully recover, contact The Law Office of Craig A. Blumberg P.C. for a consultation. Our firm understands what businesses face after a catastrophe and our goal is to help you regain what you have lost.