Insurance Claims in Bad Faith

write-593333When a person files an insurance claim but the insurance company does not believe that they are filing it for the right reasons, it may be denied in bad faith. For example, if you intentionally set a fire in your home because you are hoping to get money from the insurance company for it but don’t intend to use that money to repair the home, it may be considered a claim in bad faith.

Bad faith claims can also work the other way around. Perhaps you filed your claim in good faith because there really was an unfortunate accident and you want compensation but the insurance company is acting improperly. Examples of the insurance company acting in bad faith can include extensive delays in processing your claim, denial of your claim altogether, refusing to pay you what you are entitled to or trying to accuse you of making a claim in bad faith so they don’t have to pay.

There are an endless list of scenarios on both sides that can be considered acting in bad faith. Don’t let your insurance company take advantage of you. If you believe you are the victim of neglect by your insurance company, you should speak with an experienced insurance law attorney who can fight on your side against them.

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