What is typically not covered by standard homeowner’s insurance policies?

When an individual purchases a home, they will be obligated to also purchase homeowner’s insurance. Insurance exists to help homeowners rebuild when disaster strikes, whether it is because of a natural disaster or if their home gets broken into. One common misconception that some homeowners have is that their policy will cover them whenever there is any sort of weather event or property damage. It is important to note that, unfortunately, contrary to these beliefs, insurance companies do not cover everything.

Some of the disasters that are typically not covered under a standard homeowner’s insurance policy include flood damage, earthquake damage, maintenance damage, or sewer backups. Though we live in a place where earthquakes are not usually an issue, it is still a good idea to consider purchasing additional insurance for the other disasters mentioned. Typically, the insurance company that provides general homeowner’s insurance will also offer these additional forms of coverage. In some cases, depending on where the home is located, an individual may be required to purchase flood insurance.

Of course, homeowners want to make sure they are going to be protected if and when disaster strikes. If your insurance company is not holding up their end of the deal, contact our firm today.

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