New York State Facing Serious Winter Storm Damage With More On The Way

Last week, over 300,000 households throughout New York State lost power due to the noreaster that rummaged parts of the state. There are still nearly 90,000 households that have not gotten power restored due to downed power lines and broken utility poles. The breakdown of those who lost power in New York State by county are as follows:

  • Bronx- 963 outages
  • Nassau- 386 outages
  • Queens- 230 outages
  • Rockland- 365 outages
  • Westchester- 47,695 outages

Not only are many New Yorkers still facing power outages, they may be faced with property damage due to flooding, downed power lines, and debris. Of course, any homeowners that are suffering from damage as a result of the storm may have to go through an insurance company. The biggest issue that may arise is that there is actually another major winter storm expected to slam the area with about a foot of snow.

This can cause even more serious damage to homes that were not able to undergo repairs from the previous storm just last week. In addition, those that do not have power restored may be put in serious danger. It is important that individuals prepare accordingly for the impending storm, especially if they have been the victims of storm damage from the last storm.

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