How To Deal With Insurance Companies After Experiencing NYC Property Damage

When a property owner is faced with significant damage after a storm, a flood, or even a break-in, they may be overwhelmed by their insurance company. It is important to understand that although the insurance company is technically there to help in times of disaster, they have a tendency to take advantage of individuals who are just trying to pick up the pieces and rebuild. Insurance companies are just like any other business, they need to make a profit. This also might mean that they deny claims that shouldn’t be denied and they underpay the insured for the damage that was sustained.

Here are a few important things to keep in mind when it comes time to deal with the insurance company so you don’t get taken advantage of at a vulnerable time:

  • Be sure to keep detailed notes related to the damage and your claim
  • Remember that you are working with a major corporation so remain skeptical of their motives
  • Don’t exaggerate your claim to ensure it won’t get denied
  • Obtain a copy of your insurance policy if you do not currently have one
  • Make sure you support your claim with clear and detailed proof and estimates
  • Do not sign anything without an attorney’s review and approval
  • When trying to resolve problems, do it in writing

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