Theft or Vandalism Insurance Policies in New York State

One of the most devastating things that can happen to a homeowner or a business owner in New York State is if somebody breaks in and steals personal property from the owner. When these unfortunate situations occur, the property owner may wonder how their insurance policy can help. Typically, insurance policies will only cover up to a certain amount of property loss.

It is important for a property owner to be aware of exactly what their insurance policy covers so if an unfortunate event like a break-in does occur, they will not be surprised if certain things aren’t covered. If the individual’s insurance policy appears to provide inadequate coverage after this assessment, they may wish to purchase additional coverage, especially if the current policy is subject to coverage limits on certain valuable items.

As soon as the individual realizes there has been a break-in or a theft, it is important that they contact the police immediately. It is important to obtain a copy of the police report to provide the insurance company in order to prove that such an event took place.

If the insurance company is taking advantage of you during this difficult time, it is important to contact an insurance law attorney that can protect your rights and help you recover from this event.

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