How Can Homeowners in New York Prepare for Hurricane Season?

Hurricane season is just around the corner and while it officially lasts from June 1 through November 30, most hurricanes take place from the middle of August through the end of October. Even if there aren’t any hurricanes threatening the region in the foreseeable few weeks, it is important to make sure preparedness measures are taken for both the family and the home. In addition to making sure that the family has a disaster supply kit prepared well in advance so they can leave quickly, it is also important to take the following measures on the property:

  • If there are any trees that pose a danger to the house, it may be beneficial to remove any damaged or dead limbs to keep the property safe
  • Install a generator to make sure the home can have power
  • Be sure to take in or anchor all objects from outside that can fly away or cause damage in high winds such as patio furniture, grills, garbage cans, propane tanks, trampolines, etc.
  • Though permanent storm shutters can be the best window protection for areas that frequently are hit by hurricanes, other homeowners may want to consider boarding up windows with marine plywood

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