Are frozen pipes covered under my homeowner’s insurance policy?

The winter months are quickly approaching in New York, which means that temperatures will soon drop to below the freezing mark of 32 degrees. One of the things that many homeowners find themselves wary about is when water pipes freeze. When the water in pipes freeze, the pipes can expand and even burst, which can be devastating to a home. It is important to note that pipes typically freeze at 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Many people are curious as to whether damaged water pipes are covered under their homeowner’s insurance policies. Typically, they are not. Homeowners are usually responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing damaged pipes as well as the costs associated with hiring a plumber. However, if the bursting pipes caused your home to be water damaged, you may be able to submit an insurance claim. The insurance company may try to claim that there was a flood in an effort to get out of paying for the damage. Floods are typically only covered under¬†specific flood insurance. If you have flood insurance, great. But if not, you may want to speak with an experienced insurance attorney who can assess the situation to see whether your insurance company should rightfully cover the damage.

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