Is mold damage covered under my homeowner’s insurance policy?

One of the most dreaded news that a homeowner can receive is that their home has mold damage. Not only is this bad for the home, but it can cause very serious health problems to the residents that live there. In addition, if you are trying to sell a home that has mold damage, it may be impossible as that is something prospective buyers often look for.

Determining whether mold damage is covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy can be difficult. You will have to take a few factors into consideration when making this determination such as how the mold developed and whether your particular policy includes it. So, if the mold was caused by a flood, it probably isn’t covered under your standard homeowner’s insurance policy. However, it may be covered under a separate flood insurance policy if you have that.

On the other hand, if the mold was caused because of a sudden broken pipe or an appliance that leaked, there is a better chance that it is covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. If your insurance company won’t cover mold damage and you believe that you are entitled to this coverage, it may be beneficial to consult with an experienced insurance law attorney who can provide you with assistance.

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