What should I do if my home was broken into?

broken-1391025-1Whenever a property is broken into, the residents of the home are going to feel the effects of this trauma for years down the road. When a person’s most treasured belongings are taken from them, it may feel as though nothing can help make the situation better. However, your insurance company will likely cover some of the belongings that were stolen from you. In addition, there may have been some property damage that took place during the break-in itself. Your insurance company may compensate you for this damage as well.

When filing a property damage claim with your insurance company, they will have to determine how much they believe the damage is worth. Unfortunately, the insurance company may try to undervalue the true extent of the damage. What many people don’t realize is that insurance companies work for-profit. If they can save money in any way, they will. Don’t let your insurance company take advantage of you. You may want to have a public adjuster take a look at your property and evaluate the true amount of compensation you should receive from your insurance company.

If you have a public adjuster assess the damage to your property and determine a much different amount than the insurance company gave you, you may want to retain the services of an experienced insurance law attorney. They can work with the public adjuster to fight for the compensation you are entitled to. Don’t let your insurance company take advantage of you during this difficult time. Contact The Law Office of Craig A. Blumberg today to discuss your claim.

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