What Is the Role of a Public Adjuster?

Unfortunately, insurance companies are notorious for minimizing the damages disclosed in a property damage claim, so that they may ultimately earn a profit off a property owner’s losses. This is why many property owners turn to public adjusters to get a second opinion. Continue reading to learn the role of a public adjuster and how an experienced New York City public adjusters attorney at The Law Office of Craig A. Blumberg may offer you legal support when necessary.

By definition, what is the role of a public adjuster?

First of all, to set the scene, a property owner may file a property damage claim with their insurance company in search of some sort of recovery. From here, their insurance company may send a claims adjuster to the property to examine the claimed damages and determine the amount of payout to be administered. But to reiterate, a claims adjuster may do everything in their power to offer much less than a property owner’s policy provides, or overall to deny the claim.

This is when a property owner may call on the services of a public adjuster. Essentially, a public adjuster is an individual licensed by the Department of Financial Services, Insurance Division who may neutrally assess the property damages themselves. Ultimately, they may inform the property owner on whether or not the claims adjuster was fair and just in their investigation. What’s more, a public adjuster may go as far as performing the following duties:

  1. They may interpret the complex language used in your policy.
  2. They may evaluate the covered damages in your policy.
  3. They may document and appraise the damages on your property.
  4. They may prepare a claim to recover the payout rightfully owed to you.
  5. They may negotiate a fair settlement with your insurance company.

As a public adjuster, why might I need legal support?

As you may already likely assume, an insurance company may grow hostile with the interference of a public adjuster. This is especially true if a public adjuster is addressing an insurance company’s unfairness by denying a claim, offering an inadequate settlement, or overall acting in bad faith. With this, an insurance company may go to great lengths to deny a public adjuster’s counteroffer.

This is when an attorney may step in. In tandem with a property owner and public adjuster, an attorney may help reach a fair and just conclusion. You may rest assured knowing that our team of attorneys has years of experience in handling cases just like this.

This is all to say that, before facing an insurance company, you must consult a skilled New York City public adjusters attorney. So please reach out to The Law Office of Craig A. Blumberg today.