What is a third party claim?

Property owners do all they can to make sure that their houses are up-to-date. They may make renovations on their home or another sort of update to improve upon it. They may also do all they can to ensure that their property protects their home as well. These owners do not want a big tree that is able to fall on the house in the way. This could lead to terrible consequences if the tree were to fall. However, if hazards such as this are not on their own property, they may not have control over it. When these hazards are present on their neighbor’s yard, but have the ability to affect them, they may feel powerless. If something were to occur, they may be able to hold the neighbor liable by filing a third party claim.

If a tree were to fall on someone’s home, they will want to recover compensation to pay for their damages. Their insurance plan may not cover it if it was not on their own property. If the tree was present on their neighbor’s property but damaged their home, they should file a third party claim. This claim can give you the insurance you need to cover the cost of fixing your home from that damage that originated on your neighbor’s property.

What can cause these claims?

There are a few instances that can qualify for a third party claim. These third party claims originate on your neighbor’s yard or a nearby property that is not owned by you. When these hazards somehow damage your property and your home, your insurance company may not cover it since it did not originate on your property. However, you are able to file a third party claim. These claims can be filed when fallen objects originate elsewhere, fire spreads from one property to yours, nearby construction damages your property and water damage is caused by runoff from a broken pipe. These situations are all caused by the involvement of another party. With this party’s interference, there has been harm caused to your property. This can lead you to file a claim to recover the losses you have sustained. With a third party claim, you may be able to fix your property damage.

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