Can insurance help after a fire in my home?

Fires can cause a great deal of damage. Across California, we have seen how much impact wildfires can have. People have had to flee from their homes to protect themselves from raging fires in the area that have the ability to do a lot of harm. When a fire affects your home, it can greatly alter the building and make it impossible to live in again. These fires have the ability to completely destroy a home, but if people are lucky, it may only cause some damage. Home insurance plans can cover the cost of fire damage. This can be a useful tool to take advantage of if your home has been victim to a fire.

Partial losses refers to a fire that did only caused partial damage. It did not completely destroy the use, making it an unsafe shelter for you to live in. Instead, partial damage can be fixable and allow you to enter back into your home in a quicker manner. However, it is important to remain aware of unseen damage. There may be damage to your home’s structure that you may not be able to spot. Having a professional come in to assess the damage is a good way to include all the damage in an insurance claim.

What is matching?

Matching is something that the insurance company may try to use to their advantage. Your insurance company will try to save money wherever they can. When fixing your home, make sure the proper materials are used. This can make your house look more uniform instead of having it looked like it was patched up in different places. Matching the original materials to new ones is important to the appearance of your house.

When fire damage is inflicted on your home, your insurance company should pay for a professional to come in and assess the situation. You should not have to pay out of pocket for this service. The insurance company is legally obligated to investigate all the damage. A proper examination should assess the roof, structural steel or iron, windows, stucco, siding, concrete, interior walls, framing, plumbing and heating systems. This can provide an accurate depiction on the overall damage done to your home and how much work is needed to fix it.

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