What happens if my claim is denied?

Debt.When you suffer property loss at your home or business due to a fire, flood, theft, or other catastrophe, you will likely be overwhelmed and unsure of what to do. Your first two steps should be to file an insurance claim and contact an insurance law attorney. What you need to realize is that insurance companies don’t want to spend money if they don’t have to. They will probably try to give you the least amount of money they possibly can, if not deny your claim altogether.

After you submit your claim to your insurance company, they are going to assign their own adjuster to come investigate the claim, ask you questions, maybe send somebody to inspect your property. At the end of that investigation, they’re going to send you a letter either denying your claim, or agreeing to pay your claim. In the event you receive a denial letter from your insurance company, that does not mean that their denial is correct. They can deny your claim for many reasons, and at that point, after your claim is denied, you have the right to fight that denial. You can choose to file a lawsuit against your insurance company, you can possibly appeal to your insurance company, but what you have to understand is just because they deny your claim does not mean that their denial is right.

In the event that your claim was denied by your insurance company, you should consult with your insurance law attorney. This is a very frustrating and difficult process and a denial will just make the situation worse. Your insurance law attorney can look at your case and determine the different angles that can be taken to fight the denial. 

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