What Does a Public Adjuster Do?

There are few things more stressful, upsetting, and downright crushing than having your property destroyed. Nobody ever wants to imagine such a thing happening, however, if it has happened to you, you will most likely have a busy few months or years ahead. Generally, the process begins with having the damages to your home assessed by a claims adjuster sent by your insurance company. Essentially, they will evaluate the damage and then offer you a monetary amount to repair those damages. Unfortunately, though you think your insurance company is supposed to be on your side, this is oftentimes not the case, and there is a very good chance the claims adjustor will low-ball you and offer you an insufficient amount in compensation. If this has happened to you, then you may wish to look into a public adjuster.

What is a public adjuster responsible for?

A public adjuster’s job is to provide property owners and their insurance company with a neutral estimate of the monetary value of the damage the property incurred. Many people choose to hire public adjusters because they are not pawns for the insurance company, and they are also not devoted to any one property owner. The unbiased nature of their profession allows them to reach a fair amount that both the insurance company and, perhaps more importantly, the property owner can be satisfied with. You can also hire a public adjuster to evaluate your policy, prepare your claim, and help you, the claimant, reach an appropriate settlement.

What do public adjusters consider?

Generally, public adjusters, though neutral, are not friends of insurance companies, primarily because those companies understand that they are not out to win them money in the same way their own claims adjuster is. Unfortunately, though the public adjuster acts in fairness, there are times where insurance companies simply will not accept the public adjuster’s verdict, and in this case, that public adjuster will most likely hire an insurance attorney. Public adjusters, simply put, cannot sue an insurance company on their own. However, by retaining the legal assistance of an experienced attorney, the public adjuster can work to help the insured come to a fair amount of compensation. For an experienced New York City insurance attorney, simply contact our firm today. We are here to help you attain a fair, even favorable outcome so you can go on living in a damage-free home.

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