How Do Commercial Storm Damage Claims Work in New York?

You may not think much of a passing storm. However, depending on its severity, a storm may leave a path of destruction in its wake. And if your business incurred some sort of this destruction, you may have to file a claim. Read on to discover how commercial storm damage claims work and how one of the seasoned New York business storm insurance claim attorneys at The Law Offices of Craig A. Blumberg can help you in understanding the basics.

How can storm damage impact my business?

There are several ways in which a storm can cause your business to incur damages. Examples include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • A lightning strike can start a fire in your business.
  • A lightning strike can shatter the windows or damage the roof of your business.
  • Heavy rainfall can enter through the compromised spots of your business.
  • Heavy winds can knock a tree or large branches onto your business.
  • Heavy winds can knock out a powerline and your business will lose power.

Ultimately, severe storm damage may temporarily pause your business operations or even close your business’s doors for good. This is why buying into a commercial storm damage insurance policy is crucial, along with properly filing a claim.

What are the basics of a commercial storm damage claim in New York?

More often than not, standard commercial insurance policies do not offer coverage for water damage or flood damage. And so, if your business incurred damages due to wind-driven rain or water damage through an intrusion, your insurance company may argue that your circumstances fall under water or flood damage. Ultimately, they may say that your situation is not a covered “peril” and then deny your claim.

Therefore, it must be emphasized that the language you use in your commercial storm damage claim is pivotal. So for the best chance at recuperating your damages, you may have to prove the following as true to your insurance company:

  • You must prove to your insurance company that the property that was damaged is where you conduct your business operations.
  • You must prove to your insurance company that the damages your business incurred are directly tied to the “peril.”
  • You must prove to your insurance company that this “peril” interrupted your business operations for a given period.
  • You must prove to your insurance company that the damages your business incurred are directly tied to its shutdown.

With that being said, if you want your business to return to its pre-loss conditions, then you must consult with one of the competent New York commercial insurance claim denial attorneys as soon as possible. Schedule your initial consultation with us today.