How can home insurance benefit a homeowner?

Through home insurance, homeowners are able to protect their homes against natural disasters. If a tornado hits and causes damage to your home or hurricane winds tear away at your house, it can be protected through your home insurance policy. Not only can homeowner insurance protect against weather-related disasters, but it can also protect against fires and theft. The insurance company can aid you during this time to gain back what you previously had. However, these policies often do not include flood insurance. Floods can happen during natural disasters or due to other reasons. With multiple feet of water present, there is potential for catastrophic damage to someone’s home.

What water damage can be covered?

Most homeowners insurance plans do not cover flood insurance. They cover other natural disasters. Flood insurance may be more expensive to get. There are some water damages that may be covered by a standard home insurance policy. These instances can include water damage due to wind-driven rain or rain that caused damage through an intrusion. It may not be water damaged caused by a flood. If the language of your policy is vague and unclear regarding flood damage, you may be able to have it covered in the end. If you have a “surplus lines” excess policy that does not exclude flood damage, you may be able to have your water damage accounted for and covered. These exceptions to the no-flood coverage policy can prove to be helpful. It may be able to cover your damages if you plan accordingly.

What is the NFIP insurance policy?

The National Flood Insurance Program provides a flood insurance policy that homeowners can get if they wish to do so. This is a separate policy to their standard homeowner policy that they already have. This flood policy is available to anyone that resides in an area that adheres to the federal storm water and flood plain management rules. The NFIP flood insurance policy can cover up to $250,000 in damage to your home or garage. This can include clean up, repairs, debris removal and removal of mildew, mold or fungus. This can aid in the cleaning process after a flood has occurred and water damage is quite severe.

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