Creating a Home Inventory for the Insurance Company

When an individual’s home is damage is damaged due to a natural disaster, they may be unsure of how they can give the insurance company the most detailed home inventory of what was lost. Of course, the more detail a homeowner can include, the better. However, it is understandable that in a house full of belongings, it is hard to remember everything that one owns. The greater amount of inventory that can be presented to the insurance company, the greater financial recovery they may be given.

When starting to try and create an inventory of one’s belongings, it is always best to think about the most valuable things first such as jewelry, home appliances, furniture, electronics, collectibles,¬† among others. It is always a good idea to take a video of each room of the house. In the video, speak about what items are in the room and try to recall what you have paid for each item. For smaller items, homeowners may want to come up with a generalization of how much things cost. This might be a good tactic for office supplies, children’s toys, items in a utility closet, among others.

It is important that homeowners create an inventory of their belongings before disaster strikes. For example, individuals who live near hurricane-prone areas may want to take an inventory at the start of each hurricane season. There are apps available on smartphones that can make creating an inventory easier for homeowners.

If your insurance company rejected your damage claims, it is a good idea to speak with an experienced insurance law attorney.

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