Filing a Third Party Claim for Property Damage in New York

There are some events in life that are simply out of an individual’s control. This can include situations such as fires, storms, dangerous winds, flooding, theft, and more. These occurrences have the potential to seriously affect an individual’s property. As a result, property damages can detrimentally impact a property owner’s life. When a property is damaged or destroyed, property owners may wish to file a claim with their insurance company. This is so that they may have the chance to make a full recovery from the damages. This situation can become complicated in the event that the damage was caused by something on another individual’s property. In the event of this, an insurance company may not cover a loss that was caused by a neighboring property or property owner. It is important to know that if this happens, there are options available to a property owner to receive compensation for these damages.

What Can Cause Damage?

There are some instances in which a property may become damaged because of a neighboring property. There are different ways this may happen. This can include:

  • Fallen objects from another’s property
  • Fire that spread to the individual’s property from another property
  • Construction that damages the individual’s property
  • Water damage caused by runoff from a broken pipe

These are all situations that are caused by the involvement of a third party. A claim can be filed because harm was brought to an individual’s property as a result of the third party’s interference.

Filing Third Party Claims

In the event that a home or business is damaged by a neighboring property, a property owner has a few options for recovery. It is important to take pictures and videos of the damage before cleaning up to show the damage to insurance companies or to be used in a potential lawsuit.

The first thing an individual should do to seek compensation for these damages is to contact their insurance company. This is to see if their policy covers any losses that may be caused by a neighboring property. Sometimes, insurance companies do not cover events such as these. When this happens, it is important to know that there are other options.

When an individual’s property is damaged as a result of an event on a neighboring property, the damaged property owner may qualify for a third party claim. A third party claim can originate on a neighboring yard or nearby property that is not owned by the individual filing the claim. These claims have the power to provide an individual with the insurance they need to cover the cost of fixing the property from the damage that was caused to it.

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