FEMA Assistance Applications

When a disaster occurs that causes mass devastation, property damage, and more, your county may be declared a FEMA zone. Afer a major disaster, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA, determines which areas were hit hardest and then provides those who are impacted with assistance to help them get back on their feet.

After Hurricane Sandy hit the New York City and New Jersey Shore, devastating the area, many locations were declared FEMA zones. It is important to be prepared for the next time a disaster hits, which includes knowing how to get the assistance you may need. First, you’ll have to register with FEMA by putting in your address and other information to determine if you are eligible. You can apply online, with an app, or via telephone. When you do so, you will need to have compiled a list of the property damage and losses you faced, a routing number for your bank account in case FEMA direct deposits funds, your insurance company policy number, and your contact information.

FEMA contractors will come to your property after your application to determine the extent of the damage. When you submit a request for federal assistance, you will receive a letter from FEMA that informs you of your request status.

If you are not eligible to for FEMA assistance but you have sustained property damage due to an emergency, it is important that you have your insurance company assess the damage. If you believe that the insurance company is not giving you the quote you deserve, contact an experienced insurance law attorney today for assistance.

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