Factors that Impact Public Adjusters

write-593333A public adjuster works with people who have been impacted by a situation of property loss to ensure that their insurance company has given them the appropriate amount of money needed to fix the property loss. Many people believe that their insurance company is only there to help them, which, while technically they should, many times this is not the case. Insurance companies are always looking to make a profit and will take advantage of their customers in order to get one. For example, when a person files a claim, the damage to their home or business will have to be assessed to determine how much the insurance company will give them. The insurance company will usually offer them a lower amount of money than they actually are entitled to in order to make a profit.

Public adjusters can take a look at the property damage and give a true and just assessment of the extent of the damage and how much money it will take to fix it. It is important to have a neutral party that can assess your property damage and give you a fair estimate. Due to the fact that public adjusters are standing up against unfair insurance companies, they may want to hire an insurance attorney who can assist them, and the person they are working on behalf of, in achieving a fair amount of compensation. Insurance companies do not like dealing with public adjusters because they know it means having to give the insured more money, which is really just the amount that they are entitled to anyway.

If you have questions about dealing with an insurance company after property damage has occurred, speak with an experienced insurance attorney today.

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