What are some costs associated with a fire damaged home?

When a fire occurs in a person’s home, it is one of the most devastating disasters they can face. After your property is damaged in a fire, the insurance company will have to assess the home to determine the full cost and extent of the damage. Some of the costs that are commonly associated with a home after a fire include water damage repair, removal of soot, walls, furniture, and more.

Water damage is quite common in homes that have recently had fires because when the fire department comes to put out the fire, they will use tons of water to do so. Although it is great that water puts out the fire, it isn’t so great that the water damages carpets, walls, ceilings, and electronics in the home. It is important to have professionals come into the home and use industrial fans to dry floors to ensure mold and mildew don’t ruin them.

There are many situations where entire walls need to be torn down and replaced due to water damage, smoke odor, soot, and structural instability. To get the smell of smoke out of the home, you will have to have a professional come and conduct a process called thermal fogging, which neutralizes the smell of smoke. You will also want to consider replacing your home’s insulation because it can absorb the smell of smoke.

If your home was damaged in a fire and the insurance company is not providing you with the means to make repairs, contact an experienced insurance law attorney today for assistance.

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