Can my insurance cover theft and vandalism?

Homeowners are subject to invasions that result in theft and vandalism. These events are obviously not foreseen. Although you may take extra precautions with valuable items, they can still be stolen. Even if these items are locked away in safes or in hard to find places, thieves have a knack for knowing where to look for these possessions. They can still get their hands on them. When this occurs, your insurance policy may be able to cover the cost of the items that were stolen or the damage that the vandalism adds up to. For these situations, insurance policies can seem complicated. Sometimes they do not cover the cost of all the items that were stolen. You will also need to prove that you own these items. This can be a frustrating process to go through. In order to get the best result, contact our legal counsel for help.

If the possessions that were stolen are not listed in your insurance policy, the cost of these items may not be covered. The maximum limits provided for the policy may also not provide the amount that covers the cost of the items you lost. Although this is frustrating, it can happen. Sometimes you will need to pay for extra insurance plans to cover the cost of these incidents. Your coverage may be subject to deductibles and other coverage limits without the right plan. In the end, this may mean that the loss of these items exceeds the amount that you are given in return. Policies can often set limits on specific items on valuable items no matter what their actual worth was.

What do I do when this occurs?

When you realize that your house was robbed or vandalized, you should contact the police immediately. The police can survey the scene to make sure you are in no further danger. During this time, the police will create a report. This report can be used to show your insurance company proof of the incident that occurred. Without this proof, the insurance company may not be willing to work with you. If items are missing, you should document what items are missing to relay the information to the insurance company. However, this can be a difficult process if you do not have proof of ownership. The insurance company may take advantage of this opportunity and try to give you less coverage.

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