Can Insurance Cover the Theft of My Home?

When your home is broken into, you may feel like your privacy has been violated, and understandably so. Along with these emotional burdens, you may be dealing with damaged property (i.e., broken windows and locks) and stolen property (i.e., missing cash and jewelry). The one way you may be able to recuperate from this is via an insurance claim. Continue reading to learn how insurance can cover the theft of your home and how one of the experienced New York residential theft insurance claim attorneys at The Law Office of Craig A. Blumberg can help you acquire additional coverage.

How can insurance cover the theft of my home?

Of note, your homeowner’s insurance may work to cover the losses you incurred from burglary, robbery, or otherwise. This is so long as you opt for this coverage when building your plan, along with following this procedure after an incident of theft:

  1. Contact your local law enforcement as soon as you gather that your home was broken into.
  2. Ask your local law enforcement for a copy of their report, which you may share with your insurance company as proof that the incident occurred.
  3. Make a list of all the items that are missing in your home, which you may share with your insurance company as proof that you require a certain amount of coverage.
  4. Gather photos or receipts of your missing items to prove to your insurance company that you once had ownership over them.
  5. Gather photos and quotes for your damaged property to prove to your insurance company that you require an additional amount of coverage.

What should I do if I require additional coverage?

Unfortunately, insurance companies are notorious for chipping away at theft claims as much as possible. This is because, at the end of the day, insurance companies are businesses that are looking out for their bottom line more so than your recovery. That said, your insurance company may try to minimize your claim for any of the following reasons:

  • Your insurance company may argue that your some of your allegedly stolen items are not listed in your insurance policy.
  • Your insurance company may argue that you did not pay extra for the necessary coverage for your allegedly stolen items.
  • Your insurance company may argue that your insurance policy is subject to coverage limits and deductibles on your allegedly stolen items that are regardless of what their actual worth was.

So, if your insurance company gives you any of the above excuses for cutting down your payout, then you must consider legal action. Rest assured, one of the skilled New York residential property damage claim attorneys will fight for additional coverage on your behalf.

As you may likely conclude yourself, you may have an important claim on your hands that requires immediate action. So you should not hesitate in reaching out to The Law Office of Craig A. Blumberg.