Am I Liable for Property Damage Caused by Halloween Vandalism?

It is an unfortunate truth that residential vandalism reaches its annual peak on or around Halloween day, October 31st. This is thanks to the mischief that minors commonly participate in during this holiday. But such mischief is sometimes taken too far, which ultimately leads to serious residential property damage. Continue reading to learn if you will be held liable for the property damage caused by vandalism this Halloween and how one of the experienced New York residential theft insurance claim attorneys at The Law Office of Craig A. Blumberg can help in your recovery.

What are common examples of vandalism that might occur this Halloween?

Minors may participate in Halloween mischief that is as innocent as tossing toilet paper on your trees or smashing your pumpkin decorations. Such actions are more of a nuisance than anything. However, other acts of vandalism may ultimately create extensive and expensive damage to your property. Examples are as follows:

  • A party may throw eggs at your house and ultimately break your windows.
  • A party may soap your windows, which ultimately creates damage upon removal.
  • A party may spray paint the side of your house, which ultimately creates damage upon removal.
  • A party may tear down your Halloween decorations, which ultimately creates damage to your landscaping.
  • A party may knock over your jack-o-lanterns with open flames and ultimately start a fire on your property.

What’s more, a negligent party may take their Halloween mischief as far as breaking into your house and stealing your valuable personal possessions.

Will I be held liable for property damage caused by Halloween vandalism?

You may not be held liable for the property damage you incurred this Halloween if you have theft and vandalism coverage within your homeowner’s insurance policy. With this, you must provide your insurance company with the police report regarding the incident of vandalism. You must also submit documentation on what went missing and your ownership over these items, if applicable.

Say, for instance, that you rent the property on which an incident of vandalism took place. Well, your renter’s insurance should hopefully account for your personal belongings that went missing, if applicable. What’s more, your landlord may be responsible for rectifying any damages that would make your rental unit uninhabitable. With this, you should not be held liable for the cost of these repairs.

Whatever your case may be, it may not be easy to receive relief for your property damages. In the end, the first step you must take in your insurance claim is to retain the services of one of the skilled New York residential theft insurance claim attorneys. So call us at The Law Office of Craig A. Blumberg today.