What should I do when preparing an insurance claim?

man-people-space-desk-largeWhen you suffer property loss due to a flood, fire, or other unfortunate disaster, you will have to file an insurance claim in order to recover damages for your loss. This may be able to allow you to restore your property back to the way it once was. There are many parts of an insurance claim that need to be prepared. An insurance claim is an official request for your insurance company to pay for property loss or damage, depending on the situation. Insurance claims are important because they have the ability to make or break the amount of repairs that can be done on your property or if you will have to cover the cost of the repairs out of pocket. The primary goal is to have the insurance company accept your claim, but they will do what they can to find reasons to deny it.

Whether the insurance claim is one for a building estimate, a contents inventory, or a business interruption claim, it’s got to be prepared in a way that will be accepted by the insurance company. Your insurance claim should be prepared by experts in their fields, whether it’s a building estimator, or an accountant to prepare your loss of income claim. The insurance company is going to have experts working on their side. If they have an expert on their side, you should have someone just as qualified working on your side if you want to file a successful claim. As an experienced insurance attorney, these are the types of claim that I handle, and this is where I can help you.

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