Upstate New York Communities Facing Flooding

Over the last few weeks, communities in the upstate New York regions surrounding Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River have been seriously damaged by flooding. In fact, the Governor of New York State, Andrew Cuomo, has declared a State of Emergency in seven counties in that region.

Many homes, small businesses, farms, and municipalities are facing structural damage due to the flooding. The state of New York has announced relief for these areas totaling in $45 million. This relief fund is broken down into $15 million for homeowners, $15 million for the infrastructures of municipalities, and $15 million to assist small businesses, farms, and non-profits. Homeowners who qualify for this financial relief will have to apply and may be eligible to receive up to $50,000 in damages.

It is important to note that if granted funds through the program, homeowners can use the money to replace heating systems, fuel tanks, non-luxury residential appliances, real property such as foundation repairs, bathrooms, flooring, electrical systems, septic systems, etc. However, personal property and luxury items are not covered by these funds. These include vehicles, furniture, small kitchen appliances, granite/marble/other stone countertops, new fireplaces, central air conditioning, or swimming pools. For personal property or other luxury items, it is important to contact your insurance agency to see what your coverage allows.

Only those with an annual income no greater than $275,000 are eligible. If you wish to apply, submit a proposal to the Affordable Housing Corporation. If your insurance company has quoted the damage less than you feel is accurate, contact an experienced insurance attorney.

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