Public Adjusters in New York

When a property becomes destroyed, it is often a very stressful time for the property owner. There are many facets of the problem for them to deal with, beginning with having the damages assessed. When a victim of property damages files a claim, insurance companies send a claims adjuster to examine the damage. Once they are done, they will decide on an amount to offer the property owner to repair the damages. Many times, insurance companies want to make a profit and therefore offer less than the policy provides. It is in these situations that the property owner may wish to request a public adjuster.

What is the Job of a Public Adjuster?

When a person’s property is damaged, they want the problem to be resolved. This is why they pay for insurance to cover their properties in the event that this happens to them. However, property owners are sometimes offered less than they need to repair their property after it is damaged. It is because of this that they may request a public adjuster to assess the damages again.

A public adjuster exists to provide property owners and their insurance company with a neutral estimate of how much it will cost to fix the damage to the property. This individual is not at the mercy of the insurance company or the property owner, therefore they can act unbiasedly. It allows them to come to a conclusion that is fair. Public adjusters can evaluate policies, prepare claims, and assist the claimant in reaching an appropriate settlement for their damages.

Factors that Impact Public Adjusters

Public adjusters are a neutral third party that is summoned to the issue of property damage. Insurance companies typically do not enjoy working with public adjusters, as they know it can cost them more money for the property. Because of this, they may face unhappy insurance companies when they do not agree with the assessment of the adjuster. When this happens, the public adjuster may need the assistance of an insurance attorney. Since public adjusters work for all parties, they are unable to sue an insurance company. With the help of an attorney, the public adjuster can work for the insured to come to a fair amount of compensation.

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