How Do I Best Handle My Insurance Claim?

In the unfortunate event that you experience residential property damage or commercial property damage, you may feel fortunate enough to have an insurance policy in place. However, it is far too often that such insurance policies do not cover the full extent of one’s damages, if there is any coverage at all. Read on to discover how you can best handle your insurance claim and how one of the seasoned New York property damage attorneys at The Law Office of Craig A. Blumberg can work in your best interest.

How should I handle my insurance claim?

Essentially, insurance companies run as businesses. And as businesses, they are looking to maximize their bottom line. In turn, they will likely do everything in their power to minimize the compensation they offer you for your residential or commercial property damages.

We understand that this must be a difficult time for you, and the last thing you need is to be preyed on by your insurance company. With that being said, you should follow the below tips so that you can receive the best possible outcome in your insurance claim:

  • Make sure that you treat your interaction with your insurance company like a business negotiation.
  • Make sure that all your interactions with your insurance company are in writing or with the presence of an attorney.
  • Make sure that you do not sign anything your insurance company gives you without reviewing it with an attorney.
  • Make sure that you have proper documentation of your residential or commercial property damage (i.e., photos, videos, damage estimates, etc).
  • Make sure that you do not exaggerate how much compensation you require for your residential or commercial property.
  • Make sure that you request a copy of your insurance policy so that you can ensure that your needs and rights to make a request are met.

Why do I need an attorney to help with my insurance claim?

More often than not, insurance companies purposefully make the language in their policies complex and/or vague. This is in an attempt to minimize the compensation they distribute. Or, they do this so they can better argue that your residential or commercial property damage does not fall under your policy.

This is why you must retain the services of one of the competent New York property damage attorneys. We will be able to dissect the language of your policy and ensure that you are not being taken advantage of. Notably, we have had much success in our over 20 years of experience with doing so.

Nevertheless, when filing your insurance claim, you must also give our firm a call. We look forward to working with you.