Flood Damage on Commercial Properties in New York

When a business location is flooded due to a burst pipe or bad weather, it may suffer serious negative impacts. Commercial flood insurance claims can be complicated, especially if the business has to shut their doors for a period of time to recover from the flood damage. One of the most important things to know when a business gets flooded is that the vast majority of the time, standard property insurance plans do not cover flooding or water damage. Property owners must be sure to purchase a separate flood insurance policy to make sure they are covered in the event of a flood or water damage.

Business interruption insurance

In a lot of situations, a business may be forced to close its doors after a flood or water damage occurs. In order for a business to protect itself, it should be sure to purchase a business interruption insurance policy that can cover expenses after the business is forced to shut down while repairs take place. Some of the things that can be covered include:

  • the business’ regular bills
  • bills that the business has to pay for a temporary or permanent move
  • income loss

If your business has been forced to shut down due to signficant water damage, contact our firm today to discuss your options.

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