Flood Damage Claims in New York State | What You Need to Know

When someone’s property is damaged due to no fault of their own, it can be a brutal and devastating event. There is nothing worse than having memories and property destroyed because of weather-related damage, such as flood damage. If this has happened to you, you most likely are hoping that your insurance policy will cover the damage. Unfortunately, oftentimes, insurance companies will do everything in their power to deny you the compensation you deserve. If your property has suffered flood damage, you must continue reading and speak with our New York City property damage attorney to learn more about how we can help. Here are some of the questions you may have:

How do I know if my policy covers flood damage?

Unfortunately, there is a very good chance that your insurance policy does not cover flood damage. That being said, some policies may cover certain types of water damage, though they will most likely do everything they can to argue that your damage is, indeed, flood damage so they do not have to pay. In this case, you should strongly consider hiring a lawyer who is experienced in fighting these insurance companies to prove that your case does, in fact, qualify. Some examples of water damage that your insurance policy may include are as follows:

  • Water damage that you can prove was not flood-related.
  • You can also try to prove that the language in the policy is vague or unfair, thereby warranting you the right to obtain coverage.
  • Having a surplus lines excess policy.
  • The damage was caused by rain and not a flood.

Our New York City insurance law attorney is here to help you through every step of the process ahead to attain the compensation you truly deserve.

What is the National Flood Insurance Program?

The National Flood Insurance Program is a type of additional insurance that an individual can purchase if their standard policy does not cover flood damage. Those with federally-backed mortgages in NYC can purchase flood insurance for up to $250,000 in damages to their homes or garages. If you have any additional questions, simply pick up the phone and give our firm a call today.

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