Fire Loss Insurance Claims

If you have recently suffered losses due to a fire, you should seek legal representation immediately.  You will be in a vulnerable position, and blindly trusting your insurance company can have serious financial consequences.  Insurers will often look for reasons to deny your claim or pay out less than you deserve under your policy.

We Represent Victims in All Types of Fire Loss Claims

If your insurance company has wrongfully denied your fire insurance claim—we are here to help.

If your claim is not covered by an insurance policy, we can assist in recovering damages from the parties responsible for the fire.  We utilize renowned specialists to identify who or what was responsible for causing the fire.  Some of the leading causes of fires include: defective appliances, faulty electrical wiring, damaged gas lines, clogged fireplaces, poor vent maintenance, and malfunctioning furnaces.  If you were burned in the fire, you may also be entitled to recover damages from the responsible party for your injuries.

If you are underinsured, and sustained damages beyond the policy limit, you may have a case for insurance malpractice.  We can assist you with proving that your insurance agent or broker negligently failed to procure adequate coverage to cover your losses.

If your home, apartment, garage, or place of business was damaged in a fire, we can help you to recover the maximum amount.  A fire may result only result in physical damage to your property, but also other types of economic damage, including lost income due to interruption of your business, and costs of re-establishing operations.

If you need an attorney who can represent you during this difficult time, contact our firm today.

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