Should I get renter’s insurance?

Before owning a home, some people choose to rent from a landlord. A lot of young people choose to rent an apartment or other living space due to the limited amount of finances that they have available. Although renting may seem easier than buying a home, maintaining a relationship with your landlord is an importantRead More

What is the role of a public adjuster?

When property is damaged due to a fire, natural disaster or by vandalism, your insurance company will send someone to the scene to assess the damage that has been caused by this incident. This individual is a claims adjuster. They are there to inspect the damage that has been caused and to report back toRead More

Can my insurance cover theft and vandalism?

Homeowners are subject to invasions that result in theft and vandalism. These events are obviously not foreseen. Although you may take extra precautions with valuable items, they can still be stolen. Even if these items are locked away in safes or in hard to find places, thieves have a knack for knowing where to lookRead More